Weganool™ fleece

89,90 (109,68 with VAT) / linear meter



WEGANOOL™ fleece

It is a 100% sustainable, zero-waste woven satin fabric and it is a 100% plant-based and chemical-free, cruelty-free wool alternative from Calotropis plant and regenerated organic cotton fibers (30% Calotropis fibers 70% organic cotton). Calotropis perennial weed grows year after year without plowing, planting, or watering. It flourishes without human intervention on drylands, where no other plants can grow. It is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial and is a pioneer plant whose main purpose is to bring the forest canopy back.
Even after harvesting the stems, the shoots will double in 6 months.
It will easily cover the dry land – adding essential nutrients, purifying, and regenerating the soil – preparing for a future forest. Another great function of this plant is to anchor the soil to prevent erosion. It does not depend on any natural resources except sunlight!
No pesticides are used in growing the crops and the production of one kg of WEGANOOL™ saves 27.000 litres of clean drinking water, compared to regular 100% cotton yarn. The Calotropis and cotton used are both rain-fed. The water used for fiber processing is re-used from natural dyes.​
The fabric comes as a fleece brushed from one side.

Available by linear meter

Weight: 190 gsm.

Diameter: 44,5 cm.

Weight 0,170 kg

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