Life Materials offers solutions and materials to designers, artisans and companies that want to make innovation, as well as ethical and environmental responsibility, their top priority.

Cutting-edge materials that are carefully selected and worked according to the best traditions and craftmanship to make accessories, clothes, furniture and transport materials that have one common goal: living in a plastic-free world in which the respect for the environment and circularity are of paramount importance.

At the core of Life Materials is the respect for the world’s ecosystems and humanity: 100% non-petrolium-based materials and ethically sustainable solutions that do not require the use of any substance considered to be dangerous or harmful to any living being, nor the use of any animal-based product.
For those who have embraced (or want to) our vision: a more circular approach to innovation and a plastic-free planet!

A world without oil, it might be hard to imagine but, as they say, “where there’s a will, there’s a way!”


A world without oil, it might be hard to imagine but, as they say,

“where there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Beyond the electric vehicles that are already buzzing around our cities.

A world without all the polymers that surround us in our homes and offices.

Synthetic molecules that can be used to make many almost indestructible tools, furniture and clothes.

A lightweight and colorful world that is generally quite cheap, yet very harmful to the bio-global balance, which may never fully heal.

A world without oil, one in which we no longer exploit animals.

A nearly perfect world.

Certainly a world that is, in every way, 100% sustainable.

This has been the vision of Life Materials for over 15 years: a constant effort to build and develop cutting-edge materials: the bricks of a “new” low-impact house that, so far, has not gone beyond its foundations.

Padding made from flowers; paper and leather made from giant mushrooms; pesticide-free fabrics and fibers made from wild plants. Materials that are either developed in laboratories or sourced from areas that are far away from all major business hubs and channels.

Life Materials offers a wide range of products to any company that wants to adopt a business model based on a new paradigm: the world seen as a great, unique and sustainable organism that can sustain itself and regenerate.

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