Cypress denim

29,90/meter (36,48 with VAT)

Developed during a study about the impact of natural fibers on people’s skin, Cypress denim is made from a Japanese cypress tree variety that provides high-quality fibers with excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Cypress denim is ideal for skin-to-skin applications, moreover it also has the relaxing properties of cypress, which is considered a therapeutic plant by the feng-shui practice .

The production cycle of the cotton used to manufacture Cypress denim (ECOTEC® certified) is fully traceable and made in Italy using 100% pre-dyed leftovers from textile plants (also pre-consumer). The cotton is transformed into yarns that are suitable for top-quality productions that feature a high level of added sustainable value.

Tested (UNI EN ISO 2064) for antibacterial efficiency of Cypress/Cotton fabric against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus: bacterial growth reduced respectively by 60% and 85%.

With a composition of 94% recycled cotton and 6% cypress, Cypress denim is sold by meter: total height 166 cm. (65.35 inches) of which the workable height is 164 cm (64.56 inches).

Weight 125 gr./sqm (3,5 oz.).

Weight 0,208 kg
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