Pod Peel



Pod Peel is a 100% vegetable excellent alternative to animal leather, hand made in Portugal from Carob, a flowering evergreen tree. It is super resistant, soft and beautiful. This material can be applied in bags, shoes, jackets or raincoats, and is also an asset to the area of decoration. The raw material is the carob, a pod-shaped fruit with brown seeds and a sweet flavor, known to replace cocoa in the preparation of recipes.

Material features:

– Resistant to tension, stretching and abrasion forces.
– Elastic.
– Malleable.
– Can be cleaned with a damp cloth.
– 100% natural (80% carob in the case of carob bean substrate / 20% cellulose residue and natural rubber).
– Excellent “threaded” finish.
– Great performance for sewing.
– 100% handcrafted material.
– There are variations in thickness due to the manual process.
– The reverse side of the material is composed by small holes on the surface, as they are derived from the respiration of the carob. The “right side” is considered the smoother area.

Important note: it is sprayed with talcum powder to maintain its characteristics, customers must remove the excess with a dry cloth. The talcum powder must not be completely removed to keep the substrate ready for use.

Available in sheets 50×70 cm

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Black, Natural (dark brown)

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