Korteccia is a tree bark fleece.

Korteccia is a traditional Ugandan material produced with traditional craft techniques.

Considered the precursor of modern non-woven fabrics, Korteccia is made only with the bark of the East African “Mutuba” fig tree, which regenerates very quickly with no damage to the actual tree. After being peeled from the trunk and manually processed, the bark becomes a cloth: low energy consumption and low CO2 emissions.

Being a mono-material (made exclusively from bark fibre), Korteccia contains no binders, dyes or other additives.

All production processes of Korteccia comply with the guidelines of ILO (International Labor Organization) and SA 8000.

EU Eco Regulation 2092/91 certified.

Weight N/A
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 cm

Medium panel 30x40cm, Large panel 60x80cm, Whole XL panel (130 x 255 cm = 3,31 sqm)

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