Banana skin

4,90/sheet (5,98 with VAT)

Banana Skin is an hand-made paper sheet made from the eco-friendly fibers of banana trees.

Banana trees are highly renewable plants that regenerate all year round. Generally, once chopped down, they are normally left in the jungle as unwanted waste, however, some local farmers in India had the idea to collect and transform the chopped banana trees from waste to wealth by using it to produce paper. Aside from being strong enough to hold its heavy bunches, the banana trunks provide a particularly strong and very beautiful fiber that has been widely used for thousands of years to make ropes and, more generally, for weaving purposes. Banana fiber is cruelty-free, bleach-free and tree-free, moreover, it is also recyclable and naturally resistant to water, fire and tear. The farming of these banana trees is fully sustainable as it uses only rainwater that is collected on site and waste from the same plant as soil additive.

Banana Skin is similar to standard paper and it comes in a 180 gsm format (56 x 76 cm or 22 x 29.9 inches). The color is light brownish

Weight 0,14 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 61 cm
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