Banana skin

6,20/sheet (7,56 with VAT)

Hand-made sheets made from eco-friendly fibers of banana trees.

Despite being made only from banana fiber (just like Banana Paper), this type of banana material has a softer hand and a lighter colour. Banana skin is similar to standard paper and it comes in a 180 gsm format (56 x 76 cm or 22 x 29.9 inches)

Unlike most fruit trees, banana trees produce fruit only once, after which, they must be chopped down, leaving only the base, which will grow again and become a new tree.   The chopped down trees are normally left in the jungle as unwanted waste, however, a few local farmers on Kosrae island have started collecting them, hence the name “waste to wealth”.

Aside from being strong enough to hold its heavy bunches, the trunks provide a particularly strong and very beautiful fiber that has been widely used throughout the islands for thousands of years to make ropes and, more generally, for weaving purposes.

Banana fiber is fully recyclable and naturally resistant to water, fire and tear, moreover, it can be treated with wax or other water repellents to increase durability.

Weight 0.35 kg
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 61 cm
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