Flex tree



Flex Tree can be considered as an alternative to animal leather.

With a special treatment, the wood becomes flexible, sewable and washable. It is 98% flexible in the direction of the wood grain and transversely to it, not thermo-formable but resistant up to 80°C. It can be engraved with a laser. It is water- resistant therefore washable and it is sewable by hand or machine just like a normal leather. It is soft to touch like leather. The cypress Flex Tree essence is backed with bio-based, natural 100% hemp canvas. It is suitable for accessories as belts, bags, clothes inserts, shoes and leather-alternative goods as well as in interior design and decoration. The wood comes only from sustainable forests to ensure the respect of the environment and the trees life cycle through a rational and controlled use, supporting the necessary recycling and reforestation. The material is certified CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) and FSC/PEFC (Forest Stewardship Council). It is backed with hemp fabric (100% hemp).

Available in 125 × 28 cm sheets or 28 × 41 cm panels (nominal dimensions. Sometimes there might be other formats as well) of cypress wood essence coupled with hemp canvas.

Thickness: 0.6 mm (without the backing material)

Weight 0,300 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 30 cm

125 x 28 cm sheet (nominal), 41 x 28 cm sheet (nominal)

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